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10 Reasons to Camp in a Cabin

Camping is usually a good option for individuals who like being outside. In whatever fashion you fancy escaping to the woods for a night or two (or more, if you can), we are huge supporters of enjoying time outside.

Some campers choose to camp in a tent or an RV, and each of these camping types has its own set of advantages.

Nonetheless, cabin camping is becoming more popular, particularly during the colder months. Tent campers may not be ready to give up camping entirely, and cabin camping gives a safe shelter where they can continue to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities without being exposed to the elements. RVers may enjoy camping after their RV has been stored for the season with cabin camping.

Cabin camping is still considered camping, and there are several reasons why cabin camping is preferable for particular campers. Check out the top reasons to camp in a cabin as well as the different cabin options you have to choose from at KOA campgrounds. We are here to make your cabin camping experience the best it can be.

Try camping in a cabin at KOA

Is Camping in a Cabin Better?

1. Stay warm and dry

You can enjoy your stay in a cabin while the weather is cool or during rainstorms. You and your belongings will remain dry.

Another factor to consider while camping is the temperature. Even in the summer, overnight temperatures in certain locations may drop to dangerously low levels. You can certainly pack on the layers when camping in a tent to make up for the cooler weather, but that means packing a bunch of extra gear. You’ll have a warm shelter to enjoy when you’re staying in a cabin because the cabins are constructed out of logs that serve as insulation. You may still use the double sleeping bag to keep warm throughout your camping vacation.

2. More space

One of the many advantages of living in a cabin is that there is much more room. With extra room, you can invite more people to camp with you. More space also means that you have more room to play — you can enjoy board games, cards or a number of other indoor games when you have the extra space inside the cabin.

3. More convenient for longer trips

Deciding to camp in one of KOA’s cabin alternatives will make your vacation more convenient. KOA has a plethora of facilities that will make your journey more relaxed and enjoyable. With beds, tiny kitchens, and tables where you can eat a nice meal and play games, a cabin may seem more like home.

4. Find a Home in Nature

During the winter, log-style camping cabins are not only beautiful but also useful accommodation solutions. Cabins provide campers peace of mind by protecting them from the elements and elevating camping well beyond roughing it. Unfold your sleeping bag on the elevated mattress of the cabin and you’re set for a comfortable night’s sleep. If freezing temperatures or snow are forecast, reserve a Deluxe Cabin with adjoining bathroom, kitchen, and heating for optimal comfort.

5. Discover a New Place

Exciting KOA sites are open all year in the United States. Pick a setting that is different from where you live so that your time camping can be focused on discovering new sights and experiences. Rent a Camping Cabin at the beach, in the desert, or in the mountains. Wherever you stay, a peek out of the cabin window or time spent on the porch swing will be full of fresh sights, smells and sounds.

6. Launch into Exploration

Camping Cabins make settling in easy and exploration a quick start. Drop off your things and go on an adventure.

If the weather turns bad, there are lots of things to do around or within your campsite. During a rain, a picturesque drive to local stores, museums, and indoor activities in town is a terrific alternative. If there is snow, have a snowball battle, create a snowman, or ride about on a snow tube.

7. Bond Over Chores

During a cabin vacation, everyday duties become an opportunity to interact with family and friends. Cooking, cleaning dishes, and keeping equipment neat may not seem to be enjoyable, but they can be. Use the time together to teach each other new skills, like how to use a knife to chop up a salad or safely use a gas grill. Along with gaining new skills comes pride in a job well done and a delicious meal to share with your party.

8. Enjoy Favorite Camping Passtimes

Outdoor fire pits are available for campfire activities in the camping cabins. You won’t lose out on the quintessential aspects of camping just because you have a roof over your head. Do all of the fun camping activities – sing songs, tell thrilling campfire tales and roast marshmallows and turn them into delicious homemade s’mores.

9. Hole Up With the Ones You Love

As the sun goes down and it’s too cold to go stargazing outside, meet inside the comfortable cabin to socialize with your fellow campers. Concentrate on the individuals you’re with and get to know them. Maybe there is a comedian in the group who can make everyone laugh, or someone who can play the guitar and put on an impromptu performance. Bring party games to kickstart the interaction, which will undoubtedly grow into a fun evening of bonding.

10. Quiet Time

After a long day of outdoor activities, take it easy. Lounge in the cabin and focus on things electronics have replaced — read a book or magazine, draw or work on a craft project. The stillness of a chilly evening or the sound of raindrops falling against the cabin walls are the perfect soundtracks for independent projects.

 Types of Cabins

At KOA, cabin camping comes in a variety of types.

KOA offers two types of cabin camping experiences: Camping Cabins and Luxury Cabins.

A Camping Cabin

Camping Cabins

Camping Cabins are ideal for any camping trip. They provide quite a spacious upgrade from the tent life, and also come along with many other great benefits:

  • Nearby showers and restrooms
  • Electricity
  • Ability to sleep 4-6 people in one or two bedrooms
  • Full beds and bunks
  • BBQ (select cabins)
  • Porch swing (select cabins)
  • And much more

Bring your sleeping bag, favorite meals, and some fun games because you’re going to have a great time in a KOA Camping Cabin.

The interior of a Deluxe Cabin

Deluxe Cabins

If you want to camp in utmost luxury, one of KOA’s Deluxe Cabins is the way to go.

These cabins take camping to the next level, making you feel like you’re on vacation.

When you stay in a luxury cabin at KOA, you receive the following:

  • Comfortable bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Kitchenette (in most)
  • TVs, gas grills, patios, firepits (in many)
  • Fridge and microwave
  • Many floor plan alternatives, including handicapped-accessible ones
  • And much more

The features of each Camping Cabin and Luxury Cabin differ based on the location. Be sure to visit the campground’s website to learn what you will need to bring with you when staying at a KOA cabin, and what you can leave at home.


Save on Your Cabin With The KOA Rewards Program

Campers who are constantly exploring new KOA campgrounds can benefit from the KOA Rewards Program by receiving discounts and exclusive perks every time they stay at a KOA location. The more you camp, the more money you’ll save on future trips to KOA locations.

The perks of the KOA Rewards Program include:

  • 10%* off registration prices at over 500 KOA locations.
  • Special discounts and offers from KOA partners.
  • During KO Rewards Weekend, select KOA sites will offer a free night of camping**.

These perks and many more are excellent reasons to sign up for the KOA Rewards Program. While on your camping excursion, you may begin saving.

KOA offer cabins all around the United States, so visit our website now to reserve a cabin for your next camping vacation!

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