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As much as I like camping, I understand why other people dislike it. Some folks just do not like disconnecting and reconnecting with nature. Even if you like nature, camping requires a great deal of understanding. But, if you’ve tried camping and hate it, don’t give up right away. Many of the reasons people dislike camping may be readily remedied.

1. Packing Tons of Stuff, Even for a Weekend Trip

camping gear packing pain in the butt

Camping means you’ve got to bring all of your necessities with you: shelter, sleeping setup, hygiene, first aid food… Packing takes a long time and is, obviously, inconvenient for a short vacation.

Solution: I store all of my camping equipment together to make packing easy. My first-aid kit is still still packed and ready to go. I use this checklist to ensure that I don’t overlook anything.

2. Being Eaten Alive By Mosquitoes

camping mosquito bites

Nothing beats getting eaten alive to make you appreciate the beautiful outdoors!

Solution: Try camping at higher altitudes where mosquitoes are less prevalent. Otherwise, load up on the bug spray and insect-proof clothing.

3. Sleeping On the Ground

Who doesn’t despise camping, especially when you’re sleeping on the chilly ground with pebbles sticking into your back? And of course the ground isn’t flat either so end up with all the blood draining out of your head!

Solution: Take some time to find a flat area and clear the ground of objects before you pitch the tent. Warmth and comfort are provided by a decent self-inflating sleeping pad. And, if you really can’t stand the ground, then get yourself a nice camping cot. Just make sure you don’t share a sleeping mat or bag. Nobody sleeps well when they share a sleeping bag!

4. Feeling Like an Idiot When You Can’t Get the Tent up

tent fail

Of course, the directions are illogical. And then the campground Wifi doesn’t work so you can’t even ask the internet for instructions!

Solution: Before going camping, always test all of your equipment at home. This includes your tent, stove, lamps, and other camping equipment. Furthermore, make sure you purchase a tent that is fast and simple to put up.

5. Rain

hate camping in rain

Solution: Rain does not have to spoil your vacation. Get a rain jacket and rain pants so you stay dry and set up a tarp over your camp kitchen station so you have somewhere to escape. Learn more about how to have fun when camping in the rain.

6. Annoying Neighbors

Is the music too loud? Drunken moron? Random kids coming over to ask you what you are doing every 10 minutes??? Not everyone has the same idea of camping, which means campground neighbors can do some really annoying things to ruin your trip.

Solution: Go wild camping on public land instead.

7. Crowds Ruining the Most Beautiful Places

crowds at national park

Camping is becoming trendy, and every Instagram influencer wants a photo of themselves in a National Park. It means you’ve got to trek to find parking, fight through crowds of people taking selfies and that you can forget about getting some peace and quiet!

Solution: If you can’t visit during the off-season, then consider going to less-popular local attractions. Nature does not have to be “amazing” for you to appreciate it.

8. Pooping in the Woods

If you’re a good camper, you’ll dig an 8-inch-deep “cathole” every time you need to defecate and there’s no outhouse nearby. It’s surprisingly hard to dig through hard dirt full of rocks and tree roots, which means you will nearly poop your pants if you don’t time it well.

Solution: Once at camp, I pre-dig my cathole so it is ready when I need to poo. That even allows me time to choose the ideal location with a view.

9. Sand in Tent

While camping on the beach, it’s almost hard to keep sand out of the tent. Then it sticks to your sweaty body, giving you one more reason to hate camping.

Solution: Instead, consider hammock camping. Even if sand does get in the hammock, you can just shake it out.

10. Washing Dishes

It’s not enjoyable lugging filthy dishes to the community washing station, particularly when your Dutch oven is covered with charred food since campfire cooking proved more difficult than you anticipated.

Solution: Eat out of the pot and keep meals simple. You won’t have to deal with as many dishes as before. Here are some easy camping meal ideas. And do yourself a favor and bring a few camping sinks.

11. Insects and Spiders in the Tent

You wake up with a giant spider crawling over your face, just when you thought you couldn’t dislike camping any more.

Solution: Make it a rule that the tent door is ALWAYS kept shut. Whoever leaves the door open is responsible for getting spiders out of the tent at night.

12. Having to Pee in the Middle of the Night

You’ve finally settled into your sleeping bag and must now go out into the very cold night to pee.

Solution: Accept the pee bottle! Women can even use a pee funnel so they can use a pee bottle too.

13. Checking for Ticks a Zillion Times Per Day

Checking for ticks many times a day is inconvenient but vital; the sooner you get them off, the less likely they are to spread illness.

Solution: After being bitten by hundreds of ticks (and having a tick head trapped in my flesh and contracting Lyme disease), I now carry a tick tool with me everywhere and spray permethrin on my clothing.

14. Waking Up Freezing Cold

While camping, early mornings may be quite chilly. It’s hard to get out of your sleeping bag when there is literal frost on the ground!

Solution: Be brave in the cold! Get dressed, start moving and you’ll warm up quickly.

What do you despise most about camping? Has it entirely paralyzed you? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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