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Camping may have been a fundamental survival necessary as long as 40,000 years ago, but what about today?

Most kids have certainly fantasized about camping at some time in their life, picturing campfires, stomping about, erecting tents, and embarking on crazy excursions.

In fact, camping is a family tradition in many households! If you’re wondering why camping is fun, it’s time to try.

Camping is enjoyable because it is an adventure. Not only do you engage with nature and wildlife, you’re also leaving behind the stress and hustle of city life .

You’re building memories that will last a lifetime as you pitch tents, start the campfire, and learn about the world around you.

Of course, you may also bring entertainment. Drawing from our fondest camping experiences, we’ve put together some tips on how to make camping even more fun.

First, let’s go over why you should go camping!

Reasons Why Camping Is Fun

Apart from the many activities available when camping, the act itself brings up a world of new options and experiences.

These are some reasons why camping is enjoyable, in no particular sequence.

You can pretend you’re in Survivor

One of the coolest things about camping is learning skills you otherwise wouldn’t. After all, outdoor survival requires practice!

woman camping in the dark

If you’ve ever been inspired by an episode of Survivor Camping allows you to learn how to pitch tents, create campfires, cook outdoors, and a variety of other skills.

You never know when these will come in handy.

Setting up your campsite 

Sure, this is an extension of the last argument, but it still maintains that putting up your campsite can be a lot of fun.

It’s up to you whether you pitch a tent or sleep in an RV to make it comfortable. Have fun hunting down rocks and sticks for your campfire, then stage a space for you to sit back and relax.

You may even add inflatable pools, outdoor movie screens, and hammocks to your site.

Campfires, marshmallows, and scary stories

Campfires are a must!

campfire at night at a campsite

Camping is fun because there’s no one to stop you from staying up at night – settled in around a campfire to toast marshmallows. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and share your most terrifying experiences!

The crackling flames can also set a romantic mood. Just remember to bring hot chocolate and blankets to snuggle under.

Cook over a campfire

Cooking over a campfire is an unforgettable experience!

Mac and cheese, honey-glazed sausages, potato bakes, s’mores, chocolate desserts, and other campfire delicacies are all acceptable.

Playing games outdoors           

When you go camping, bring your games with you. If you’ve chosen your campgrounds wisely, you might have an entire field to yourself for an impromptu game of soccer or capture the flag.

Parked near a beach?

Bring a volleyball or go for a swim in the surf. Instead of fixing your eyes on computer screens, killing virtual enemies, you can bring back childhood games like sack races, Frisbee throws and more.

Unlimited Access To Hikes

For me, hiking and camping go hand-in-hand.

Hiking has several benefits, including the ability to find scenic pathways, view wildlife, and exercise.

It’s also good for your mental health, since walks in nature have been proved to reduce anxiety and sadness.

It’s unquestionably more enjoyable than doing out at a gym. Whether you’re hiking solo or as a group, through the woods or along the coast, the change in environment is a huge mood booster.

Potentially meet new friends

Are you a solo camper?

meeting new friends when camping

Camping alone does not have to mean being alone. You’ll likely meet fellow campers on hiking trails or at popular campsites.

Camping is a great way of expanding your friend circle since you’re meeting people with similar interests. S’mores to toast your newfound pals!

Learn useful new things

There’s a lot to learn about the world outside of the classroom, so why not?

Most campgrounds and hiking routes include educational signs and, in rare cases, tourist centers.

You may learn about the history of the region, as well as the local fauna, interesting myths and legends.

Through speaking with park rangers and other management, I’ve learned a lot about the landscape and the fauna that inhabits there.

Leave the city behind

The ability to leave our life behind for a day is what makes camping so enjoyable. Our daily lives come with a host of distractions – our phones, our jobs, constant socializing and other obligations.

a group of friends camping in the woods

We all experience stress, but we don’t always know how to deal with it.

Camping puts us through movements that are foreign to us, replenishing our energy stores and reminding us that there is more to life than the grind.

Bask in nature

Going offline and saying goodbye to modern distractions includes reconnecting with nature. Camping brings you to the heart of nature, be in lush greenery, the hush of waves at night, or stunning skies full of stars.

Starry, starry night The lyrics are no longer just that; they have become your reality. Lying beneath the stars is one of my favorite camping experiences. Bring a telescope if you have one!

Let yourself sink into nature.

Get closer to wild life

Seeing animals is another reason why camping is enjoyable.

small deer

Forget about going to zoos. Imagine seeing birds burst out from treetops, monkeys clambering up mountains and other unexpected encounters.

Throw out the schedule

One of my favorite aspects of camping is the freedom to do anything I want, whenever I want. Camping doesn’t require a strict itinerary or schedule.

The freedom and relaxation that comes with being in nature is meant to be enjoyed leisurely. After you’ve carved out a weekend in your hectic schedule, the vacation is entirely up to you.

You can get up whenever you want, do whatever you want, eat whenever you want, and sleep whenever you want.

Bond with your pets

Unfortunately, most of us can’t bring our pets to work, or even out to a café. Camping is an excellent way to spend quality time with your dogs (like letting them sneak into your bed).

a dog looking into a tent

Dogs in particular will have a blast.

They like smelling vegetation, interacting with other animals, and discovering new locations. Set up camp near a grassy knoll or open lands, and you’ll have plenty of space to run around.

Getting to know your companions better

Camping does not have to be the pinnacle of romance; it may also be a time to reconnect with friends and family. Away from the distractions of everyday life, you can properly engage in conversation.

This means breaking down barriers and letting loose! Make some music and dance in your tent.

Remain up late telling tales around the campfire. Bring up topics you never had the time to discuss, or simply bask in the quiet together.

Making forever memories

Camping is really about seeing the world in fresh ways.

camping group posing for a photo

Whatever you end up doing, whether it’s trekking up a mountain, pursuing rare species, crafting flower crowns, or meditating beneath waterfalls, you’ll leave with fond memories.

Your memories will be even more cherished if you camp with friends and family.

You could even come away with some amusing stories to tell!

How to Make Camping More Fun

To make camping even more Consider playing games or crossing items off your bucket list! Plan your campground activities ahead of time. As an example:

  • Camping on the beach allows you to participate in watersports, beach volleyball, tidepool exploration, and other beach-related activities.
  • Camping in your backyard – go on a mini adventure even if it’s not in the woods! On a random weekday, this is ideal for families.
  • Camping at the end of trekking routes – pretend you’re an explorer. Forage for “treasures” and try using old-timey navigational tools to explore the area.

Camping Games that Make Camping Fun

There are several card and board games that you may bring with you when camping.

friends playing camping games in the tent

A little bit of ingenuity also goes a long way – utilize what you have on hand to create exciting games!

  • Capture the Flag – A popular activity for larger parties; divide into two teams with defined regions. Each team squirrels a flag away; your goal is to steal the other team’s flag while defending your own.
  • Treasure Hunt – Create a list of items you may locate in nature and compete to be the first to bring the whole collection back! If you’re entertaining kids, you can even hide “treasures” around the area and mark them on a map for the kids to hunt down.
  • Cards are a no-brainer; there are so many games you can play with just one deck! Whether you’re playing poker, go fish, rummy or other stack games, consider spicing it up with a glow-in-the-dark deck.
  • Tag – Flashlight It’s like hide-and-seek, except you use flashlights to tag each other. Just make sure there aren’t any risky corners or unstable ground surrounding you.
  • Charades – A simple game of mimicry to play around the campfire, charades involves just paper, pencils, and your finest acting skills.
  • Chubby Bunny – When it comes to campfires, Chubby Bunny is a classic. Attempt to pronounce “Chubby Bunny” while stuffing as many marshmallows as you can into your mouth. Continue until your mouth is full or you’re too busy laughing them out.
  • Sleeping Bag Race – Instead of sacks, use your sleeping bags. Get into your sleeping bag and prepare to sprint to the finish line.
  • Exquisite Corpse – Why not collaborate on a campfire story? Everyone takes turns to write a portion of a story, folds it down so that only the last sentence can be read; passes it along until everyone gets their turn. Make a dramatic ending for a perplexing narrative.
  • Obstacle Courses – Another popular activity for children. Make an obstacle course out of anything you have on hand! The first person to clear the table gets to toast their s’mores.
  • Morse Code Messages – Send someone off to the closest tree line with a flashlight and have them flash a message in Morse code. The first one to decode it wins a little gift. It’s an enjoyable approach to acquire new abilities.

General To-Do List to Keep Camping Fun

There’s only one reason camping won’t be fun barring unexpected, bad weather; if you go under-prepared. Be certain to:

  • Have the appropriate weather gear.
  • Gather or gather enough wood to keep your campfires going.
  • Stock up on mosquito and insect repellents.
  • Carry the necessary ingredients to light your campfire; fire starting kits are ideal for first-timers.
  • Bedding and blankets must be comfortable! Stay warm, stay cozy.
  • Pack extra food to keep you going, particularly if you’re spending the night beneath the stars.


Some individuals claim that camping isn’t for them since there are too many bugs and they don’t enjoy dirt.

But you don’t want to lose out on once-in-a-lifetime events – there are so many reasons why camping is great!

For the first time, you may forget about the problems that haunt you in the city. Leave behind your phones, computers, and digital distractions to soothe your eyes with nature instead.

Camping encourages you to embrace life, with its adrenaline-pumping treks, breathtaking vistas, and starry sky that you can’t view in the city.

If nature and outdoor learning aren’t enough to keep you entertained, bring some games with you! Fun is only limited to your imagination; the variety of terrains mean you can choose your adventure.

You can even bring indoor fun outside by packing an inflatable movie screen, bean bag chairs, and microwave popcorn.

Our sole piece of advise is to plan ahead of time. Bring sunscreen, bug repellent, fire starters, and weather suitable clothing and equipment. If you’re at ease, everything else will fall into place.

Related Questions

  • Why does camping make you happy?

    When you go on a trek or assist put up tents and other items at a camping, you really sweat, which causes endorphins to be released. They are known as joyful hormones. Get to breathe fresh air. In the city, we feel as if we are being smothered by the surroundings.

  • What is enjoyable about camping?

    Connection with nature
    Camping allows you to reconnect with nature, see animals, and gaze at the sky away from the harsh lights of the city. It’s unlike anything else. While exploring the various advantages of camping, make sure you and your family have the opportunity to interact with nature.

  • Why is camping relaxing?

    Whenever people participate in recreational activities such as camping, the body instantly releases a very special molecule called serotonin. Serotonin, sometimes known as the “happy hormone,” aids in the relief of stress symptoms in the body.

  • What are the top 3 best benefits of camping?

    10 Health Benefits of Camping

    1. Reduced Stress. Reduced Anxiety. …
    2. Better Sleep. …
    3. Improved Mental Health. …
    4. Greater Happiness & Improved Mood. …
    5. Increased Physical Activity. …
    6. Time to Focus. …
    7. Healing After Illness. …
    8. Sunshine & Fresh Air.


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