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A nice sleeping bag may make or break a camping trip or sleepover. Nevertheless, with so many alternatives available, it may be difficult to know where to begin. So to help find the best pick for you — from big-and-tall sleeping bags to ones that seal you up like a mummy — we’ve rounded up the best of the best, according to Amazon reviewers. If you need extra camping gear, we also offer a beginner’s guide to camping as well as roundups on the finest outdoor chairs and tick repellant.

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking

This queen-size double sleeping bag has over 12,000 five-star ratings and is popular among couples and solo campers seeking for more room. “Certainly enough space for both my hubby and Myself to sleep comfortably,” comments one reviewer. “The sleeping bag itself has zippers on either side so if you need to exit, you can do so without bothering your partner,” writes another considerate reviewer. It’s also remarkably adaptable: “We own a queen-size air mattress cot and got the sleeping bag to use on top of it. I like how versatile the sleeping bag is. It may function as a two-person bag, two single-person bags, or as a base layer with a blanket.” Yet, most reviewers like the ability to sleep alongside their lover. “That was so much better than sleeping in two different bags,” comments another. “Having a sleeping bag for two allowed us to benefit from cuddling body heat.”

Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

This less costly cozy bag has a good warming factor. “When I woke up, there was a sheet of ice on my sleeping bag, yet I was still warm!” says one happy camper. Generally, critics agree that it’s a terrific bag for the money: “It’s built of high-quality materials,” says another. “I cleaned it three times and the colors did not fade, nor did the inside stuffing become loose or compacted. The outer shell still feels soft after sleeping in the mud with it.” A third customer, who purchased it for their spouse to use on the sofa, says it’s so comfortable that they’ve “been tempted to use this bag in my bed at home.” Nevertheless, reviewers advise that this sleeping bag is on the thicker side, which means it may be better suited for circumstances when packing space is not a concern. “The sleeping bag is simply too bulky and is really difficult to roll or fit it back in the cover,” said one, who recommended the bag for situations like slumber parties or “if you have a lot of overnight guests or just love sleepovers and don’t have to carry the sleeping bag for miles.”

Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

This generously sized Coleman sleeping bag is six feet eight inches long and is described as “roomy” by dozens of five-star reviewers. “This lives true to the term of ‘huge and tall,’” comments one camper, who claims it kept them warm on a 45-degree night. I am 6’5″, 210 pounds, and have big shoulders. “This sleeping bag WAS STILL ROOMY.” Another tall reviewer offered similar appreciation, noting that “the material inside is silky and feels excellent. Instead of struggling in a mummy-style bag, I should have purchased one of these years ago.” A third reviewer over six feet tall was “so delighted and satisfied with the pricing, quality, and comfort” of the sleeping bag that they bought three more. “It’s the biggest, most comfortable sleeping bag I’ve ever used,” they write. “There’s plenty of space to move about, and it’s lovely to be able to pull it up over my head if I want.”

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Some reviewers have praised the Celsius XXL sleeping bag as “extremely spacious.” It’s perfect for active sleepers, one reviewer said: “I’m kind of a wiggle worm at night and mummy bags feel too claustrophobic to me … This felt ideal.” “I don’t get tangled while wriggling about within it, and it remains high,” a self-described side-sleeper commented. “This sleeping bag allows me space to move about,” commented another self-proclaimed “large man” and “active sleeper.” Moreover, reviewers thought it to be really comfy. “The night I bought it, I decided to ‘try it out’ in my house by setting it up on a sleeping pad in my living room,” one cozy reviewer wrote. “I switched on the TV, and before I knew it, it was daybreak, and my wife was kicking me and wondering why I hadn’t gone to bed.” “This is the nicest sleeping bag I have ever owned!” said another. I’ve been camping for over 50 years and I’ve never felt as warm, cozy, or comfortable as I have since purchasing this sleeping bag.”

Coleman Sunridge 40-60 Degree Sleeping Bag

“For the amount you pay, this is a terrific value, and has kept up much better than I expected,” one reviewer says of this sleeping bag meant for warmer-weather camping. Numerous others remarked on its endurance as well: “Anything that can endure the destructive energy of my kid and his buddies is astounding,” says the father of a teen with a social schedule full of sleepovers. While reviewers with dry skin say the polyester lining occasionally catches, overall, they say the lightweight warm-weather bag works great. “I’ve used this sleeping bag in temps ranging from the mid-30s to the mid-70s and have never woken up too chilly or too hot,” adds another. “My kids have never complained about using the same one under the same settings.”

TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Several hikers and backpackers from all over the globe endorse this mummy sleeping bag, especially when compared to more costly versions. “We are tackling the Kilimanjaro hike next year and need a lightweight backpack that stuffs tiny and will keep you warm at 20 degrees. “This bag fits all of those requirements,” commented one reviewer, adding, “and it’s $100 cheaper than the 800-fill bags available.” “I really appreciate the size, particularly over the chest and shoulders; for me, this mummy bag is not as restrictive as I imagined,” she says of the mummy sleeping bag. “The boxy foot space is an added plus.” Another reviewer, who’d been using this bag for a year, stated, “It’s been incredibly dependable, practical, and most importantly it doesn’t take up much room in my pack. The attached compression bag is wonderful and enables me to pack a lot more. The mummy design is appealing because it keeps your body snug and warm. In the mummy outfit, there is also a little zipper pouch where I keep my phone.”

Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

This Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag “offers ample of space without sacrificing quality,” according to one 6’2″ buyer. The material is fantastic, and it’s very warm with the mummy hood and flannel foot layer buttoned up.” Hundreds of other reviews agree that it is “warm” and “comfortable,” including a 325-pound, 6’5″ reviewer who carried it camping in Virginia’s Prince William Forest. They were “not only comfy, but I could feel my skin warming warm to the touch” fifteen minutes after getting into their Coleman. I felt like I was sleeping in my own bed thirty minutes after getting in. “I was THAT hot.” Several reviews note that the sleeping bag is bulky, particularly when compared to ones designed for smaller persons, but that this isn’t a deal breaker. One such reviewer says despite its bulkiness, it’s still “the best sleeping bag I have ever owned” because it’s “very durable and toasty warm even in below-freezing temperatures.”

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

This sleeping blanket has interior pockets for storing personal belongings such as glasses and wristwatches while you sleep. “It’s very cool to have an interior pocket to store your keys/wallet/cellphone in. “I’m simply one of those paranoid folks,” stated one critic. “It also has a nice Velcro cover for the top of the zipper which protects it from abrading against you and gives some protection against zipper creep,” said another. “This bag is almost a down-comforter-gone-sleeping-bag,” said another. “I can sleep anywhere in this thing.”

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

Because of its “fun hues,” this cheap option is a popular choice for giving to younger family members, according to one reviewer. One busy parent reviewer who purchased two of these sleeping bags said, “They have been great for sleepovers and to take to soccer games to keep us cozy and warm. Several other parents have followed our example and there are a lot fewer spectators shivering under skimpy fleece blankets cheering on the team.” Although some claim that the compression storage bag is difficult to use, another claims that you may “simply make your life easier and cram everything in.”

MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag

The hood on this adaptable sleeping bag, as one reviewer put it, “helped to protect our pillows from falling out throughout the night.” The zipper configuration also enables for foot ventilation and rapid retrieval operations. “It may be a nuisance to get in and out of a conventional sleeping bag,” one hammock camper said. With this, I can easily stick my feet out, get what I need, and fall back into my hammock.” Another reviewer praised the bag’s usefulness for a broad variety of conditions, saying, “I used this while it was hot. It was great. The following night was freezing. Still, it was fantastic!”

Zmoon Emergency 2 Pack Lightweight Survival Sleeping Bags

While they admit it isn’t as comfortable as others, reviewers say that this sleeping bag is durable, ultra-lightweight, and warm — extremely impressive given that it rolls up into stuff sack that you can hold in your fist. One buyer said the backpack came in helpful when they got lost in Yosemite on a cool October night. “I sat down beside a giant Redwood tree, pulled the sack over my torso and head, and heaped pine needles on top of me,” they wrote. “The bag was appropriately long and robust, with no severe punctures. I survived the night without becoming too chilly.” Another reviewer was relieved to have theirs packed after breaking their pelvis in an ATV accident and being unable to walk back to their wife for assistance. “This worked quite nicely… Overall, after 10 hours on the ground, I was relieved to be able to keep warm.” Others call it a “must have,” including a reviewer who routinely has power outages in the winter. “If one is unable to get out of the house to the emergency shelter, this may be a lifeline in the home,” they add. “I keep two in my vehicle, two in my home, and I want to acquire ones for all of my senior friends who live alone.”

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    7 things to look for when choosing a sleeping bag

    1. Fit. Some bags come in a standard, unisex sizing, which usually means a man’s fit. …
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  • Are mummy sleeping bags the best?

    SLEEPING BAGS VS. QUILTS – Mummy sleeping bags are more effective at trapping body heat and are less drafty in cold and windy weather. Quilts provide a better warmth-to-weight ratio by cutting out the material and insulation that’s normally compressed under your body in a mummy bag.

  • Which is better synthetic or down sleeping bag?

    According to our findings, Hydrophobic DownTM absorbs 70% less moisture than untreated down and dries three times quicker. When pitted against each other, however, a synthetic bag still outperforms a treated down bag in very wet conditions.

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